Hi guys, 

It's Chloe here from Rococo Real Estate & Design. And I want to tell you more about a really, cool, interesting, new tool called KapWing

As you've seen from my recent videos, I've included subtitles on them so that you can view them while you're at work. 

When I was looking for a tool to automatically add these subtitles to my videos, it was pretty difficult. A lot of them cost an arm and a leg because they charged you by the second of the minute. 

Therefore, I found Kapwing and was instantly sold because they have a free trial, and I was able to see if it was the right solution for me and my business...and it was. 

Kapwing not only has a subtitle tool, but one that AUTOMATICALLY adds them. I just pressed "automatically add subtitles" and BOOM, it added them. And it was pretty accurate! I would say I only had to change a few words over the course of a 3 minute video, which is pretty darn good. 

The reason I was looking for a tool like Kapwing is simple. I read a few articles on LinkedIn and Forbes Magazine that said, most people in 2019 do not listen to videos?! So what happens if your video doesn't have subtitles? Well, people move right on to the next on. 

Therefore, if you're looking to grow your business and become the next best real estate agent in your area, I would definitely recommend an automatic subtitle tool like Kapwing to enhance your videos as well as allow your followers to watch your videos at work, or wherever they may be. 

I know that Romie may wake up in the middle of the night, or at 6AM and he will add the subtitles to his videos so that he doesn't wake me. SO GET KAPWING now, so you keep peace in the family. 

​But that's not all that Kapwing can do. Wait what, there's more?! No way?! 

Well, Kapwing (www.kapwing.com) not only adds automatic subtitles, but you can edit your videos in your own workspace. What does this mean for you? You can add text to video, resize, make memes and more. 

There's also a video maker where you can add video, compile images, and combine into one video to make a montage. You can also do the following: make video loops, repeat video, reverse video, rotate video, change video speed, add your logo watermark and more. 

There's even a stop motion video maker! 

If you like to make memes, there's also a really easy-to-use meme generator. Simply find an image or upload your own, add text, and voila - there's your meme. 

You can also add audio to video, e.g. music, or your own audio. 

Please try it out, see how it works for you, and let me know what you think at hello@rococorealestate.com. I love finding and sharing innovative, and amazing tools, so feel free to share your favorites. 

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